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Explore into Walepay Recruitment Process

Mon, Dec 9 2019

In the first half of 2019 alone, Walepay has hired 200 new employees. This number doesn’t come out without apparent reasons. We are looking for a talent who has shown initiative, so someone who’s gone out and created opportunities for themselves. 

Why Walepay is Hiring?
Because the business company grows and new roles need to be added. Because our business is expanding, so the feature of our product also diversifying from one update to other updates in a short period. For this reason, Walepay is always hiring as we always need more and more leading talents to help us reach our goals. The recruitment process can be varying from each company. The good news is, Walepay has steps to share involving a recruitment process. Without further ado, let’s jump right into it! 

1. First, CV Screening!
This might already be boring, but it’s STILL one of the important steps of the recruitment process. It helps to determine whether a candidate is qualified for a role based on his or her education, experience and other essential information included on their CV.

Key points: Make sure you have read the job requirement — extremely careful. There must be no typos, don’t put something that doesn’t match. Simple. Be detail on what you’ve been working. 

2. Next, Interview Process
Our interview process might be different from one position to another. Aside from psychological test, one might only need to pass one interview, others might need to do a given assignment (usually for Design positions), or might be screened into a third-round interview. But what certain is, HRD or user will meet you in an interview. They want to see more about you in person, what skills do you have, how do you work. Can you get along with coworkers? Are you someone who we are looking for? 

Key points: Be on time and control your attitude, the first impression is matters! Start by researching the company. Let us know that you have a big will to be part of the team! 

3. Lastly, Hiring Decision
There’s saying that goes, “Do Your Best, Let God Do the Driving”. Good news, bad news, all will be informed by our recruiters.. Just patiently wait for it~ 

Key points: Just… pray. Investing in good talents plays a crucial part in building a successful company. So, we want you, someone who lusts for knowledge and strives to exceed. If you feel the same way as we do, head on to Walepay LinkedIn to see career opportunities!